This is Patrick Mahomes’ wildest no-look touchdown pass yet, and that’s saying something



What the hell even is this?

Yahoo Sports called it going “full Mahomes.” Sports Illustrated labeled it a “deft sidearm TD pass.” Fansided dubbed it a “new type of throw.”

There are seemingly an infinite number of ways to describe this touchdown pass by the Chiefs quarterback because it’s otherworldly at its core. It doesn’t make sense in the grand scheme of football and yet, it led to six points on the board.

I feel like I’m taking crazy pills because this should be the only thing that anyone talks about all day today. On third down, this man ran right, evaded pressure from all angles and did an underhand shovel pass with the serenity of a Buddhist monk. Nothing fazes this guy.

We watch NFL games all day and have to sit through garbage quarterback after garbage quarterback, but this type of play makes it all worthwhile. And yet somehow, because this is Patrick Mahomes, it’s kind of being treated like a ho-hum completion.

We should be honored to be living in the same time period as Mahomes. Soon enough, he’ll be out of our lives and we’ll have to go back to watching six-yard out-routes on third-and-eight.

What a blessing.