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This past major champ and Ryder Cup TV analyst smashed up his rental car—and everyone made the same joke

September 22, 2023

Sky Sports analyst and 2002 PGA Championship winner Rich Beem has made it to Europe ahead of next week's Ryder Cup. He just might not be doing any more driving while he's abroad.

The man who famously beat Tiger Woods at a major had his rental car beat up at London Heathrow Airport. And he shared the damage on Instagram:

That's rough. On the bright side, no one was hurt except the car's front side. And it didn't take long for people to start flooding the comments section regarding the fact that a man known as BEEMER was driving a Benz.

"Beemer driving a Merc," "What do you expect it's a Merc not a Beemer," "That's what you get for driving a Benz," "Pretty disappointed they didn't give Beemer a Beemer," ets. You get the point. There were some more clever comments sprinkled in, but you could see most of these jokes coming a mile away.

Which is ironic, of course, because Beem couldn't see that metal pole coming from much (much) closer. Anyway, shake it off, Rich. Don't let it ruin your trip. And, yeah, don't do any more of the driving.