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Paige Spiranac fires back at critics, says her hole-in-one was 'real and spectacular'

December 15, 2023

Leave it to Paige Spiranac to make a hole-in-one on camera—and have it cause a mini controversy on Golf Twitter. There's a reason why she's the most-followed personality in golf!

OK, let's back up to the "hole-in-one." We put it in quotes only because with any of these hole-in-one challenges, is it really a hole-in-one if you take multiple cracks at it? Semantics aside, though, it's always impressive to see someone hole out a shot with the cameras rolling—especially because we've seen the best players in the world fail at this, and in some cases, go mad trying.

But here's Paige, knocking a wedge in from about 100 yards for her ace. And it was a clutch swing considering she was down to her final two of 50 attempts (It's all explained when you go to her YouTube video. Again, she's a genius when it comes to going viral.)

Well played, Paige. Even if it was a 100-yard shot to a "hole-in-one pin" on your 49th attempt. But, of course, there were doubters—AKA haterz—that said the video was authentic. So Paige fired back with another message that also referenced a famous line from "Seinfeld."

"Real and spectacular." Well played again, Paige. Yada, yada, yada, we believe you.