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‘That would be a fight later’: Paige Spiranac calls out Michael Block over dodging wife’s kiss

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The Michael Block content can’t stop. Everyone has something to say about the club pro turned PGA Championship T-15 finisher.

The takes have ranged from glowing praise to exhaustion, and now golf influencer Paige Spiranac has added her voice to the fray.

Michael Block walked away from Oak Hill with a check for over $288,000 but his wife walked away without a kiss post-final round, which is really grinding Spiranac’s gears. While recording a new episode of her Playing a Round podcast, Spiranac sounded off on the fight that would spring up if she was the one who was denied that kiss.

Let’s go to the tape!

Here’s what Spiranac added: "I’m just sayin’, if I’m on camera and I’m going up to my man and I’m like going in for a hug and I’m putting my head up going for a kiss and he just denies me a kiss in front of all these people on camera, I would be bringing that up later.

"Not only just later that day. Every single day for the rest of our lives until we die. We’ll, like, be laying next to each other on our deathbeds and I’d be like, ‘remember when you didn’t kiss me on camera?’ That would be the last thing I’d ever say. That would be a fight later."

Block and his wife, Val, have been married for more than 18 years and they live in Mission Viejo, California with their two children, Dylan and Ethan, so we're sure everything’s A-OK between the two despite KissGate.