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Michael Block's 18-year-old son has insane swing speed that would make most PGA Tour stars jealous

May 24, 2023

While the world watched in amazement as Michael Block slam-dunked a 7-iron for a hole-in-one during the final round of the 2023 PGA Championship, it's very likely his 18-year-old son was shaking his head in disbelief for a different reason. A 7-iron from 151 yards?! Really, dad? Of course, we joke, but when it comes to who can hit a golf ball the farthest in the Block family, apparently it's no contest.

That's because Dylan Block has swing speed that would make most PGA Tour pros jealous. Not to mention his now famous club pro dad. Look at this jaw-dropping video Michael posted of Dylan from December:

Wait, 132.7 mph club speed?! With a 3-wood?! That's insane. And that's a proud papa/coach right there issuing a challenge to every other high school golfer on the planet. Also, is Dylan listening to music or are those the headphones people wear at gun ranges to protect their ears from loud bangs? Either way, wow.

The video certainly impressed fellow golf instructor George Gankas, who asked for Dylan's driver numbers. Here was the video Michael sent in response:

Even faster at 133.9 and ball speed nearly touching 200! Good lord, the dude can absolutely bomb it. And, yes, he and 16-year-old brother Ethan, can put up great scores as well. Dylan and a buddy qualified for this year's USGA Amateur Four-Ball Championship, and the high school senior cruised through U.S. Open local qualifying with a 68 earlier this month. The cameras better be there when he goes up against dad!

In case you're curious, Cameron Champ once again leads the PGA Tour in average clubhead speed at 126.42, and the tour average is 115.21. Of course, those guys are taking much more controlled swings, but there wouldn't be too many who could match Dylan. So if the young man doesn't wind up playing on tour, it looks like he might have a nice fallback option on the Long Drive circuit.