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Padraig Harrington sees one of golf's all-time great (travel) streaks come to an end

August 14, 2019

The law of averages finally caught up to Padraig Harrington this week. The European Ryder Cup captain traveled from New York to Prague on Tuesday for this week's Czech Masters on the European Tour. Unfortunately, his clubs didn't make it there with him.

But this isn't your typical tale of tour-pro travel woes because the three-time major champ had previously been a zero-time victim of airlines losing his precious cargo. And Paddy acknowledged just how lucky he's been over the past three-plus decades:

Considering all the traveling Harrington has done during his long career, that really is something. He was long overdue to have this happen, and fellow European Tour pro Chris Paisley quickly weighed in on this remarkable streak:

Forget Tiger Woods' 142 consecutive cuts made or his 281 weeks in a row ranked No. 1 in the world, this really might be more impressive. Just look at all the horror lost-bag (not to mention, lost passport) stories from the LPGA a couple weeks ago. To go 32 years without this happening is an actual miracle.

And fortunately for Harrington, he didn't have to wait long to be reunited with his beloved tools:

In working order, indeed. In no time, Padraig was back to doing what Padraig does best: weird practice drills on the range:

Good to see, Paddy. Now good luck starting another similar streak. At the same rate, you'll be 80 by the time your golf bag gets misplaced again.