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Overhead photos of Augusta National Golf Club raise questions about what's next

June 15, 2021

The U.S. Open is at the forefront of golf fans' minds this week, but a pair of interesting photos suddenly have people talking about the Masters as well.

Eureka Earth shared some new overhead images of Augusta National Golf Club this week that seem to indicate changes are being made to the country's most famous course. What exactly those changes are remains top secret. Obviously. But we can still take a look.

Here's a photo posted on Tuesday that indicates work being done on both the par-5 15th and par-4 11th holes:

Hmm. And this came just a couple days after this photo of the 13th tee surfaced:

Again, hmm. Augusta National has long been rumored to be lengthening the iconic par 5—even going as far as to reportedly buy property from neighboring Augusta Country Club in 2017.

Last month, Eureka Earth shared photos that showed work being done on the 15th and 17th holes at Augusta National as well as the members' pro shop being torn down.

So things are definitely happening there. We'll just probably have to wait until April to see the final results.

UPDATE: We have another:

Again, hmm.