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One man's desperate race to save his drone is the most dramatic thing you'll watch all week

We all have inanimate objects we've assigned way too much meaning and/or importance. Maybe it's that lucky putter, the '91 Corolla you lost your virginity in, or the guitar you first learned to play "Wonderwall" on. But for Dave Svorking, fellow emotional investor in material goods, it's a drone. Dave likes piloting his drone, Dave likes shooting videos on his drone, and, on warm summer evenings, Dave even likes splitting a nice bottle of California red with his drone. Thus, when Dave's drone battery began to die while shooting over a lake, Dave did what any totally irrational man-child would do to save his favorite irrational man-child toy: He sprinted past an onlooking family, leaped into the water fully clothed, and swam like Phelps...

There's not a lot more to this video than that, but the sheer commitment and incredible timing—in which Dave reaches out and snags his drone at the last possible second—is pure Hollywood drama. Needless to say, if Dave is willing to put his life on the line and able to keep his head above water just to rescue a glorified RC helicopter from a certain and watery grave, you REALLY have to question how much of that door Rose was willing to share with Jack at the end. This man was willing to die for a mechanical pigeon. Where were you, Rose? WHERE WERE YOU?