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Videographer saves boy after terrifying drone footage reveals sharks circling him

January 04, 2018

Here on the East Coast, we are smack dab in the middle of the soul-sucking ice-hell known as Winter 2018, jamming "The Pina Colada Song" on loop while dreaming of white sands, blue beaches, and tiny bikinis. Nothing, however—not even Charlie Weiss in a Speedo—can shatter that illusion delusion quite like a couple of sharks stalking the shallows just looking for a little mid-afternoon ankle to snack on, and that's pretty much where we pick up the plot on this, the craziest video of the year thus far.

It starts innocently enough on both ends. Videographer Artem Tkachenko launches his drone to capture footage of some predictably pristine Bahamian coastline while below a young boy goes ambling into the turquoise waters for a dip. Soon after, however, Tkachenko notices not one but FOUR sharks approaching from deeper waters. As the sharks start to circle the boy it soon becomes clear that the adults on shore cannot see the predators from their vantage point, prompting Tkachenko to shout, and we quote, "Run! Run!"

Despite the simplicity of the command, it thankfully worked, sending the boy scrambling out of the water and to safety. Now, we're not marine biologists—we'll leave that to Costanza—so we can't say whether these sharks were actually hunting or just buffing up their Marco Polo skills, but either way, this one will make you think twice about leaving the hot tub this winter.