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No one has ever released a more dramatic hype video for the Cheez-It Bowl than Oklahoma State just did

December 29, 2020

This may come as a surprise to you, dear reader who can’t be bothered with the trainwreck that is college football in 2020, but bowl season is, in fact, upon us. On Saturday, Liberty toppled 12th-ranked Coastal Carolina in the FBC Mortgage Care Bowl while Louisiana furthered the Sun Belt’s strong season with a win in the SERVPRO First Responder Bowl. Buffalo capped a solid campaign in the Camellia Bowl while Hawaii laid out a coveted New Mexico Bowl trophy for Santa on Christmas Eve.

Despite all those incredible triumphs of spirit and sport, however, the action doesn’t truly heat up until Tuesday night, when the 21st-ranked Oklahoma State Cowboys face off against the 18th-ranked Miami Hurricanes in the world-famous Cheez-It Bowl. It’s sure to be a salty, cheesy, high-scoring affair, but The Fighting Gundys look like they’re more than up for it, dropping what has to be the single most dramatic hype video in Cheez-It Bowl history on Monday night. Roll it.

Damn, here we were being all cynical about this college football postseason thing, and then a masterwork like this comes around to put us in our place. This is the ‘Citizen Kane’ of hilarious corporate tie-in bowl game hype videos—the ‘Terminator 2’ of snack-sponsored non-conference amateur football stage setting. Whatever undergrad film student made this should be getting a call from Christopher Nolan any minute now. I mean hell, it almost makes us want to watch the Cheez-It Bowl. Not even ‘Inception’ can claim that.

Anyhoo, if it’s elicited the same effect in you, football-curious cinephile, then make sure to catch all the action, live from Camping World Stadium in beautiful Orlando, Florida at 5:30 p.m. ET on ESPN. Why not go ball?