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OK, the MLB’s “Welcome Back” video will make you fall in love with baseball again

After all the petty fighting between billionaires and millionaires, a lot of folks were turned off by the sport of baseball altogether. “I’m not watching!” they said, “I’ve lost interest!” we screamed. At the time, these were valid opinions. Even with the announcement that baseball will be returning with a 60-game season on July 23, they are still valid, especially with some of the dopey rule changes being implemented for (hopefully) just this abbreviated year. If you’re holding strong and taking a break from baseball in 2020, we don’t blame ya.

The MLB, however, would like you to reconsider. And watching this video they put out might might to the trick. Personally, I bought it hook, line and sinker, because I’m clearly a sucker. Welcome back, indeed:

This video is, and I don’t say this lightly, an incredibly good look for the MLB. Is that an overreaction? Am I just saying that because there are three New York Yankees in it? It’s hard to say.

I think this about sums up how many are feeling about the MLB after watching that:

Of course, the black cloud hanging over all of this is the virus. I won’t truly believe any of these professional team sports are back until a pitch is thrown, a pass is caught, a corner is sniped or a three-pointer is drained. But for now I’ll continue to enjoy this 53-second “Welcome Back” clip whilst smiling from ear-to-ear and I’ll try to keep it glass half-full.