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Odell Beckham Jr. turned Sterling Shepherd's wedding into an episode of 'Dancing With the Stars'

Odell Beckham Jr. has had a rough year. 12 months ago he kicked off his campaign to become the NFL's highest-paid player. Since then, he's had his ankle folded in half twice, watched his team go 3-13, and was caught smoking a blunt in bed with an Instagram model while she cut up lines of a what probably wasn't baking soda. Today, however, we got a good reminder why Odell has the potential to be the single biggest sports human in America, when video of him turning Sterling Shepherd's wedding into an epic dance-off detonated all over the internet. Check it out:

Needless to say, Odell and his boys in blue have some capital-M Moves, elevating another interminable wedding reception into a viral phenomenon at the drop of the, er, mic. Here's hoping OBJ has a long, winding career ahead of him, but if not—if he flames out or rides off into the sunset with the kicking net or something—at least he'll always have a spot on Dancing With the Stars to fall back on.