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This ode to a Florida man catching a gator in a trash can is the song of the fall season

September 29, 2021

"Florida man captures large gator in a trash can." That was an actual headline on Wednesday as a viral video made the rounds of, yes, a Florida man capturing a large gator in a trash can. No, really. And not that we're too surprised given some of the things we've seen FLORIDA MAN do throughout the years.

But this story produced an even bigger legend than the Florida man capturing a large gator in a trash can: The Vermont man writing a song about the Florida man capturing a large gator in the trash can.

Suddenly, the must-watch video turned into a must-listen tune that will have you nodding your head—while shaking your head, of course. Check it out:

Seriously, well done. That is fantastic—especially since it was put together so quickly!

Then again, no one churns out songs like Jonathan Mann. Admittedly, we weren't aware of his work that has drawn millions upon millions of views on YouTube ("Baby Yoda Baby Baby Yoda" is his most watched video at nearly 10 million clicks). Mann has been pumping out a song a day for 12 years!

That's over 4,000 songs! But it's going to be tough to top this one. I mean, it's tough to think of a better premise for one than a man catching a gator in a trash can. By the way, here's the full video of Army veteran Abdul Gene Malik bravely getting the job done to protect his family:

Wow. We salute you, Abdul. And Jonathan. But don't suggest anyone else attempting to copy either of their feats.