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Notre Dame’s Steve Jobs “cult” is the creepiest costume of Halloween weekend

October 30, 2017

As far as atmosphere is concerned, Halloween is perhaps the best college football weekend of the year. With the stands packed full of costumed co-eds and jack-o’-lantern-lit halftime shows dotting the national TV landscape, it’s one of sports’ most singularly American spectacles, and this year, Notre Dame rose turtleneck and glasses above the rest. Welcome, initiate:

Forget your Babadooks, Jigsaws, Freddies, Jasons, She-Wolves, and Drunkulas—this dead-eyed, clean-cut Cult of Jobs was far and away the most terrifying costume on display in college football this weekend. Go ahead. Buy the grisliest mask at the local Party City. Have your film major roommate do your zombie makeup. No matter what you do, you’ll still have nothing on one of the most bone-chilling visages our country can currently conjure: A crew of 20-something males who all look like they have the same mother stalking around a Catholic college campus playing the role of “normal guy” by day. If that doesn’t send shivers down your spine, you apparently haven’t been watching the news.

Unfair and completely hypothetical aspersions aside, however, these guys nailed it, got some NBC airtime, and watched their team emerge as a legitimate CFP contender on Saturday afternoon. All in all, that’s not a bad way to spend Halloween weekend in the Heartland.