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Not that it matters, but Julio Jones is VERY bad at kickball

When you're a professional NFL player in the prime of their career, some stuff is going to fall by the wayside from, say, August until January. Little things like family, acoustic guitar lessons, regular dental cleanings, and Sunday morning pancakes tend to slip through the cracks. That's just the give-take of getting paid multi-millions of dollars to play a schoolyard game professionally. For Julio Jones—number one overall fantasy draft pick and actual football player too—that gap/ yawning void of inky black despair is kickball.

So yeah, honestly not the most pressing issue facing the world today. Falcons fans won't exactly be happy to see Julio Jones hanging out at arch rival Cam Newton's annual charity kickball tournament or tearing his hamstring apart like a Maine lobster tail while whiffing on something a second-grader can do, but then again, Falcons fans are never happy. Especially when ol' Panthers Bill is trolling them this hard...

Ouchy wah wah.