No one takes practice putting sessions more seriously than this European Tour winner

November 12, 2021

There's a reason the best golfers in the world are the best golfers in the world. Well, there are multiple reasons, including being born with fantastic hand-eye coordination and exquisite touch (must be nice). But they also practice their butts off.

Even the ridiculously talented Tiger Woods out-worked everyone on the range. But during those practice sessions, you never saw him give one of his trademark ferocious fistpumps. Why? Because WE'RE TALKING ABOUT PRACTICE!

But apparently, there's a European Tour pro who gets just as worked up during his warmup sessions as he does during real rounds. Presenting Dean Burmester, the most animated practice putter on the planet:

Look at those reactions! What a grinder.

And you can tell this is on a practice green because there's a picket fence a few feet from him. Dean, you absolute animal.

Anyway, Burmester's practice putting passion seems to be paying off this week as the 32-year-old South African is in the top 10 heading into the weekend at the AVIV Dubai Championship. But if he happens to miss a big putt on Sunday with the cameras rolling for real, we'll know he practiced his disappointed reaction too.