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Yes, Allen Iverson is still talking about practicing (social distancing)


Allen Iverson was my (and everyone else's) hero. He was the coolest man alive, exceptionally fun to play with as a character in "Street Basketball" and most importantly—for a kid who stopped growing way too early— remarkably short. Even the New York Times admitted that there was "fuzzy measurement" in AI being 6'1". The man was towered over by his opponents and still put up over 26 points and six assists a game for his career.

I mean, he stepped over another human being after nailing a game-sealing NBA Finals jumpshot in his face and wasn't immediately kicked out of the league. An icon.

The Point God was so goddamn compelling that he convinced people to buy Reebok sneakers. Reebok!


I mean, look at those bulky kicks. They look like the spaceship the Monstars came down to Earth in. If Allen Iverson could pull these off, the man can do anything.

And, with all of these bonafides and achievements, the former 76ers superstar has decided to also run the Twitter game and use his power for good.

For those who don't know or need a refresher, on May 7, 2002, AI had one of the most important NBA monologues on the meaning of practice. It has been meme'd into oblivion, but every time I watch it, I know it's a work of art. Now, nearly two decades after his rant, with the world in peril, Iverson is doing what he can to help.

The tweet, currently over 26k retweets, is just what we needed at the moment and the internet reacted appropriately:

Maybe a pull-up jumper is the cure...

AI knows the power his words have and put out this #StayHome tweet for the public good, trying to save lives and keep our spirits up all at once. A mensch on and off the court, forever and always.