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No one has ever wanted to catch a foul ball more than this Dodgers fan who sacrificed TWO full meals

May 02, 2019

A Dodgers fan lucked into the perfect seat for foul ball hunting on Wednesday night at Oracle Park. His timing just couldn't have been worse.

Within 30 minutes, two baseballs found their way to some guy's grasp, but unfortunately, he had his hands full on both occasions. With food. Lots of food.

Thankfully, this was all caught by cameras because you probably wouldn't believe it otherwise. Here's the first foul ball, which resulted in a tray of fries and a hot dog getting dumped.

That's about $20 wasted, but at least the dude wound up with the baseball. A bit later, he wasn't as fortunate. This time, he lost some pizza—and his balance—while trying to reel in another ball. Check it out:

We're not sure what he ordered next (Probably chicken nuggets. Mmm nuggets. . . ), but hopefully, he got to eat it this time. Regardless, two ballpark meals, a few black-and-blue marks, and a couple of embarrassing viral clips is a high price to pay for one foul ball. Maybe next time bring a glove—and eat before the game starts.