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No one has ever wanted a free baseball less than this Chicago Cubs fan

Of the many game-day traditions at Wrigley Field, throwing a home run ball back on the field that was hit by an opposing player is probably the least unique among them. Cubs fans are hardly the only fan base that does it, though everything you read about Wrigley traditions would suggest they believe came up with it. Given they are such great, passionate baseball fans, we'll allow it.

As for foul balls or balls tossed into the stands by players, umps, coaches, etc. I don't care who is throwing it or hitting it, those you have to keep. As long as it didn't result in a run for the other team, that's a free baseball that you'll remember forever, or one you could do the right thing with by giving it to a kid and give them something to remember forever. One Cubs fan was having none of that on Tuesday night at Wrigley.

In the bottom of the fourth, with two outs, Cubs outfielder Jason Heyward hit a fly ball to deep left field, all the way to the warning track. Colorado Rockies left fielder Raimel Tapia got under it and made the play to end the inning, and then did what any outfielder would do in the Friendly Confines. He tossed the ball into the stands. One Cubs fan was so repulsed by this that he snatched it out of the air with his left hand and whipped it directly back into left field in a matter of seconds. Check out the video:

No one has ever wanted a free baseball less than this dude. You've got to respect that he hates the opposition so much that he won't even accept a baseball they have touched, let alone hit. I think I kind of love the move now. And to all the people crying he should have given it to a kid, pause the video when that section comes into the frame and try to find me a kid sitting around this guy. Good luck, because you won't find one. No parent in their right mind would bring a kid to the beer-soaked bleachers at any stadium, Wrigley included. Only person that's truly sad about this is Foul Ball guy.