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Nick Van Exel checks in from the golf course, lets the world know he just discovered ice coffee

We all have gaps. It's impossible to keep up with everything in the modern world as it hurtles through space at six-trillion miles an hour. I, for one, have never seen Avatar, a decision that looks better and better with each passing year. But passing on FernGully with aliens is a far cry from making it to nearly two decades into 21st century without being even peripherally aware of ice coffee, which former NBA All-Star Nick Van Exel admitted while rolling up to Sky Creek Ranch for a little a.m. loop. Nick, take it away man.

But it didn't stop there. After fielding a host of joe recommendations from the kind folks of the internet, presumably concerned about Van Exel's wellbeing after watching him slug 32 ounces of Sonic motor oil, the ex-Lakers point guard was even talked into trying cold brew, which he initially thought was beer...

Good stuff, right Nicky? Despite being a caffeine greenhorn, Van Exel scores some street cred for taking this stuff down black, mainlining it right into his system without the help of gateway coffee products like cream, sugar, or salted caramel gingerbread Coffe-Mate. Once Van Exel was done broadening his beverage horizons, he then set his sights on hockey, turning an ordinary Wednesday into a jam-packed cultural crash course.

If you liked what you saw last night, Nick, we have a buddy you should talk to...