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Nick Saban owes this reporter a steak dinner after the reporter informed him the 'Horns Down' gesture is a 15-yard penalty

September 08, 2022

The Alabama Crimson Tide do not need any extra help in winning football games, the 20.5-point spread at Texas on Saturday serving as all the proof of that. However, extra help was exactly what the Tide got earlier this week during a Nick Saban press conference, of all places.

Saban, who prides himself on his teams being as disciplined as possible, was unaware that the anti-Longhorns "Horns Down" gesture is now a 15-yard penalty in college football, because the Texas football program is apparently Charmin soft. During his meeting with the media earlier this week, one reporter asked the legendary head ball coach if he had addressed this situation with his team, which was sort of assumed since Saban, much like his OG mentor Bill Belichick, is not one to leave any stone unturned when it comes to a gameplan. 

This was news to Saban, who found out in real time and ... wait for it ... THANKED the reporter for notifying him so that he could now go over it with his team:

Part of Saban here wanted desperately to scoff at this question, which he seemed to when he said "we've got a lot of other things to worry about." But then that be-as-prepared-as-possible part of his brain made him realize "wait, sh-t, this is actually something we should discuss and be ready for," which is why he said he appreciated the heads up. Truly incredible to watch in real time. 

If you could, I'd bet my entire life savings on Alabama not getting a penalty for the "Horns Down" gesture this Saturday. There's simply no way Saban can allow that to happen after being made aware of it like this. For that, he owes this reporter one large steak dinner. Longhorns head coach Steve Sarkisian, meanwhile, might put out a hit on this dude for robbing his team of the one slight advantage they may have had this weekend. 

UPDATE: Looks like Saban did, indeed, inform his team to not do the "Horns Down" motion during their thrilling 20-19 victory over Texas. Well, right up until the final whistle:

Even with zeroes on the clock, Saban is still on high alert. All thanks to that reporter, who may have earned multiple steak dinners after this weekend.