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NFL punter pulls off nifty behind-the-back move (At least, momentarily)

August 28, 2017

Quick, how many NFL punters can you name? There's the guy who punts for your favorite football team, the guy who used to punt for your favorite football team, and. . . well, that's probably it. But Kevin Huber might change that after what he did in a Sunday pre-season game.

When blocking broke down on a punt attempt late in the third quarter, the Cincinnati Bengals punter had to act quickly with a swarm of Washington Redskins heading his way. And he did, with this nifty behind-the-back move to avoid a blocked punt:

Go, Kevin, go! NFL punters don't make highlight-reel plays very often, but this certainly qualifies. Unfortunately, Huber's move only worked momentarily.

While Huber took off with the football -- undoubtedly, hearing the song "One Moment In Time" in his head -- his glory was short-lived. What that GIF doesn't show is he was thrown to the ground by the next defender he came across in a play that officially went down as an eight-yard loss. Here's the full clip:

The Redskins took over on the Cincinnati 27-yard line and scored what turned out to be the winning touchdown four plays later. But whatever, it was just a pre-season game. More importantly, the world has a new first favorite punter. Save some of that magic for the regular season, Kevin.