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Newspaper makes embarrassing -- but hilarious -- gaffe in article about a Green Bay Packers great

August 28, 2017

Part of me cringes writing a post about a newspaper gaffe, because I used to work at a newspaper and making a mistake like this was my biggest fear in the world. I also still have the potential to screw up any post I write, though it’s nice to know that it can quickly be corrected by the magic of the Internet. But regardless of tempting fate, this particular error is too good not to share.

It involves the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and a Friday article about the nomination of Green Bay Packers great Jerry Kramer for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. And yet a Beatles great made it into the story instead of one of Kramer’s Hall of Fame teammates. Thanks to Jim Romenesko for spotting this correction the paper ran on Saturday:

To be fair, more people have heard of Ringo Starr than Jim Ringo. And Ringo and Kramer played with Bart Starr on some great Green Bay Packers teams. But. . . yeah. . . that’s pretty bad. OK, now I await hearing about all the mistakes I’ll make today.