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NFL announces two terrible London matchups that we will all watch every snap of


Gregory Shamus

The COVID-19 pandemic took a lot of our favorite sports stuff away from us, and we're finally (slowly) starting to get many of those things back. One thing we would have been fine never seeing again, though, is the NFL London games, which were canceled last season.

Welp, it appears the UK games are back with a vengeance, and by vengeance we mean the two announced matchups are as pig sloppy as ever. It wouldn't be the London games without an appearance from the Jaguars, am I right?

Nothing and I mean NOTHING screams London games like two cursed franchises in their ugly new uniforms in matchup one and two shitty Florida teams in matchup two. I'm fully prepared to bet the under on these two disgusting punt fests right now. 

Now, to be fair, these two games do have a very teeny tiny bit of potential. In Game 1, you should theoretically have No. 2 overall pick Zach Wilson under center for Gang Green, so long as he doesn't lose the job in preseason to ... James Morgan? Mike White? Yeah, this is Wilson's job to lose as of this writing, so barring an early-season injury, he will be leading the Jets in London against Atlanta, who as of now still have a potent offense that will have added arguably the best player in the draft in Florida tight end Kyle Pitts. OK, fine, we might have something here after all. 

As for Game 2, it all hinges on Tua Tagovailoa vs. Trevor Lawrence, which could end up being sneaky awesome or a catastrophe. Either way, it will be fascinating to see these two go up against each other once again, this time as pros. If we're really lucky, Tim Tebow will be a factor. Suddenly, we just talked ourselves into the London games, which will be on at 9:30 a.m. ET, which means we will be setting our alarms and watching every single snap because Goodell has us wrapped around his finger. Can't wait!