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New York Post gets deservedly ROASTED for hilariously bad headline about Sam Darnold getting 'wasted'

November 26, 2019

In a matter of one long, tumultuous month, New York Jets quarterback Sam Darnold has gone from "seeing ghosts" to franchise quarterback once again. After his horrific performance against the Patriots, which he followed up with a pair of not-as-bad-but-still-kinda-bad games against the Jaguars and Dolphins, Darnold has rebounded in a big way. Sure, two of his last three wins have come against the Redskins and Giants, but Sunday's performance against a potential playoff team in the Oakland Raiders, coupled with his game against Dallas earlier this year, has the Gang Green faithful believing in No. 14 again.

In New York, the better Darnold plays, the more heightened the focus will be on him, both on and off the field. That explains why the New York Post ran with a story about the former USC quarterback getting, as the paper put it, "wasted" and "hooking up with a girl." THE HORROR:

In other words, Sam Darnold did exactly what any single, 22-year-old quarterback would do after winning three straight NFL games.

The Post deservedly got roasted on social media for the story, which included bombshell stuff like this:

"[There was] a limo driving him and the players around all night,” said the source.

Meanwhile, an insider told us, “His team protects him — that’s the way they are on the field, and off it. He’s the franchise.”

We’re told Darnold ducked out at about 12:30 a.m. Monday, but the rest of the team partied on.

Past MIDNIGHT?!?!? His parents better be grounding him for breaking curfew.

The replies to the Post's tweet were the place to be on Monday night:

Here's the thing: the Post knew exactly what it was doing with this article. It will likely be the paper's top article of the day, week and maybe even the year. Joke's on us.