Meet the Mess

SNY tries to interview Mets fan about their greatest Mets memory after giving up NL East lead, goes exactly as you’d expect

September 08, 2022

Wednesday was a rollercoaster for New York Mets fans. They woke up in the morning tied with the Atlanta Braves for NL East division lead after three straight blowout losses to last-place teams. Max Scherzer had just hit the IL. Starling Marte was headed for another round of X-rays after being struck on the hand by a pitch. It was the first time the Mets hadn’t held the outright division lead since April 12th, giving away their double-digit buffer drip by drip over the course of the summer. That was the bad stuff.

Then, with their legs wobbly and the cut above their eyebrow opening up, the Mets punched back, sweeping a doubleheader against the Pirates by a combined score of 15-1. The Mets’ bats finally returned from vacation. Chris Bassitt struck out 10 and went seven innings in his afternoon start while Jacob deGrom did Jacob deGrom things in the night cap.

All’s well that ends well, but don’t tell that to Bob, a longtime Mets fan who was interviews by SNY's Steve Gelbs about his favorite Mets memory midway through the crucial doubleheader. Despite the crooked number hanging on the scoreboard, he still wasn’t thrilled about the trajectory of the Mets’ September and he used his 15-second sopabox to send a message to Buck and the boys.

‘69? ‘86? F—k ‘em. Bob is only interested in 2022.

“It’s been awhile since ‘86 though,” says Bob, the edge in his voice increasing. “I would say to Buck to rest some of these guys because they’re running out of steam!” At this point, Gelbs slowly pulls the microphone back and tries to talk Bob off the ledge. “I’m a little worried,” Bob grumbles, trailing off. “The Braves just don’t lose.”

At this point, the SNY booth can’t help themselves and burst out laughing, helping to relieve the awkwardness. We’re not sure what producers thought was going to happen interviewing a Mets lifer on the worst day of the Mets best season in years, but we thank them for their miscalculation. Bob from Jersey? Maybe not so much.