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The Mets’ Jeff McNeil scratched Cypress Point off his bucket list (and put together a damn good round while doing it)

February 09, 2021

Jeff McNeil is not what you call a flashy player. He doesn’t have otherworldly pop or base-burning speed. His glove is good but not gold. He doesn’t hit grand slams on 3-0 pitches or flip his bat like Two Face’s coin after every double. He just steadily, quietly puts the ball in play, becoming one of the best pure hitters in baseball over the course of the past three seasons. It may not be the sort of approach that nets you regular New York backpages or millions in Powerade endorsements, but it does have one very valuable side effect:

It absolutely, 100% makes you a better golfer, and McNeil’s latest bucket-list round proves he is about as good as the majors have going right now.

Honestly, we’re not sure what we’re more jealous of: The opportunity to smack it around Cypress Point in the dead of February (DAMN YOU PUNXSUTAWNEY, DAMN YOU!) or McNeil’s casual, sweat-free 70. Must be nice . . . like really, really nice.

That said, this is no 59, like McNeil carded this summer at Canyon Lakes. We’re also pretty sure the Mets’ resident scratch won’t be too happy about finishing bogey-bogey. But all-in-all, not a bad way to work off that Super Bowl Monday hangover. Unfortunately for McNeil, his next stop will be Mets Spring Training. It’s all downhill from here, buddy.