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New York Knicks fan punctuates very bad night with very premature Zion Williamson tattoo

If you have tattoos (plural), chances are you have one you sort of regret. It's not necessarily a bad tattoo, but maybe it's one that doesn't reflect who you are anymore or hasn't aged as well as you'd hoped. It happens. That's the risk you run when you use your body as a sketch book. There are some ink-borne disasters you can see coming, though. Pete Davidson getting Ariana Grande's name tattooed on him after dating for all of 15 seconds is a prime example, as is any predictive sports tat, even if you are a Warriors fan. But don't take our word for it. Just check out the tattoo one optimistic Knicks fan got on Wednesday night minutes before finding out the poor old Knickerbockers wouldn't be winning the Zion sweepstakes after all:

Something tells us that is not going to buff out. When you misunderstand basic concepts like "lottery" and "percentages" so deeply that you are willing to do something like this, however, perhaps you deserve to live with that reminder for the rest of your probably shorter than average life. There was A GREATER THAN 86% CHANCE the Knicks wouldn't land Zion and that this tattoo would end being a massive mistake, but this woman went ahead and got it anyway. Call it a leap of faith, call it lunacy, but whatever you do, just don't call it surprising.

In the end, the Knicks, who had a 14% chance to claim the first pick in the 2019 NBA Draft, fell to number three in the lottery, with the New Orleans Pelicans (6% chance) leapfrogging their way into the long-limbed embrace of the best NBA prospect since Anthony Davis (who also just so happens to still be on the Pelicans roster.) As a Knicks fan, this woman should have known better. She should have known that the Knicks can't have nice things. She should have known that even if they did win the lottery, James Dolan would still have found a way to mess it up anyway. But she didn't and all we can say is thank you. We will cherish this moment forever.