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New Dolphins draft pick Christian Wilkins nearly put Roger Goodell in concussion protocol

NFL Draft

Frederick Breedon

I'll admit it—I'm a huge NFL Draft stan. Despite being objectively bad TV, I tune in every year to watch a bunch of kids whose names I learned last week get drafted into a league that will chew them up and spit them out faster than a stick of Juicy Fruit. Why? Because hope springs eternal, because I'm an idiot, and because there's always bound to be one or two moments just like this one from Thursday night, when the Miami Dolphins' 13th-overall draft pick Christian Wilkins nearly put Roger Goodell in concussion protocol with his incredible celebration:

Now, we're not sure who would be this excited about being drafted by the Miami Dolphins, who have already made their intentions to Tank For Tua abundantly clear, but you gotta respect the hype levels. On a night when it was pouring rain in Nashville and human vanilla soft serve cone Daniel Jones went number six to the New York Giants, Wilkins' energy was a necessary defibrillator.

According to ESPN Dolphins reporter Cameron Wolfe, Wilkins' enthusiasm might have also been related to Florida tax law, namely its lack of income tax, which was also a big factor in Ndamukong Suh's decision to sign with Miami back in 2015. That didn't work out so well for the Fins, of course, but here's hoping that Wilkins—who already has a Masters degree at 23 and says he wants to help fill the South Beach sports star void D-Wade left upon his retirement—enjoys a slightly more successful stay in South Florida. Go on, big fella. Show us what you got.