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New Arizona State football coach Herm Edwards doesn't seem to know what the school's mascot is

December 04, 2017

The most memorable moment of Herm Edwards' career as an NFL head coach was his infamous "You play to win the game!" rant in 2002. And now before he's even coached a single game at Arizona State, the new hire has already provided people everywhere with another viral sound clip.

On Monday, Edwards was officially introduced as Arizona State's new football coach, but the most talked about answer at his press conference had nothing to do with Xs and Os, but rather, involved the school's mascot. Or how he doesn't seem to know what ASU's mascot is. Have a listen to this humorous exchange between Herm and a reporter from Devils Digest (And in case you don't know, it's the Arizona State Sun DEVILS):

If you didn't/couldn't watch the video, here's how it played out. For some reason, Herm thought it was hysterical that someone from Devils Digest was at his press conference. "Devils Digest, huh? Where are you located my man?"

"Um, right her in Tempe," the reporter said with a laugh. And then Herm continued.

"I'm Catholic now, I'm a Christian. Wash out them devils! Just saying. We're good, brother. We're good. I ain't taking it personally."

Devils Digest isn't taking it personally, either.

But the people paying Herm's hefty contract at ASU might.