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Black-belt Twitter troll tricks half of college football into believing Nebraska’s “Lil’ Red” alternate uniforms are real

August 11, 2021

College football is coming around the bend, and for the purposes of this article that means one thing and one thing only: 2021 COLLEGE FOOTBALL ALTERNATE SZN IS HERE. This week, we saw a few notable unveilings, including Notre Dame’s Shamrock Series ensembles, which they will don for their September 25th showdown with Wisconsin at Soldier Field:

But perhaps the biggest sartorial splash this week came courtesy of a uniform that doesn’t even exist: Nebraska’s gloriously God awful (and genuinely fake) “Lil’ Red” alternate. Football fans, behold the greatest lie the devil ever told.

Perhaps the greatest part of the world’s first fake college football uniform with painted-on overall straps, however, was the fact that it fooled a bunch of blue check marks into believing that this was real uniform coming to a Saturday near you.

Eesh, tough scene. Not all the blame belongs to the gullible, though. It speaks to the current state of Nebraska football that the internet saw these atrocities and was like “yeah, this tracks.” If you’re going to win six games a year, sue your own conference, and still act like you invented collegiate football, it stands to reason that you would dress like a clown while doing it.