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NCAA one-ups No Fun League, plans to ban North Texas trick punt return

September 18, 2018
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The NCAA is one of the most corrupt, negligent, incompetent, exploitative, and downright out-of-touch sports organizations on earth. And that's all before news broke that the collegiate coalition of suck are, as of Monday night, considering a ban on Keegan Brewer's incredible fake fair catch punt return, the greatest play of college football game week three by a mile or two. Seriously, watch the highlight again and then ask yourself how you feel about a organization that believes this is bad for football:

According to ESPN's Tommy Craft, the NCAA rules amendment could go into effect as early as THIS WEEKEND, labeling the play an "Unfair Act"—a play or action, according to the NCAA Handbook, deemed "obviously unfair" even if not expressly forbidden by the rules of play. In short, the NCAA are such double windsor-tying, Pellegrino-sipping squares that they are attempting to outlaw nonchalant body language on the football field. "Forget" to report one of your coaches beating his wife for five straight years? Here, talk to Tom Rinaldi. Put your elbows on the Gatorade cooler? Season-long suspension and 100 years of academic probation.

In fact, while you're at it, just go ahead and ban the triple-option as well. Mis-direction is bad decorum, and the good lord knows college football is nothing without manners.

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