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How to rep your team through the NBA Finals wherever you are

October 02, 2020

The NBA Finals are here. LeBron James and Anthony Davis (and the Los Angeles Lakers or whatever) vs. the Miami Heat. It’s been an up-and-down run chock-full of highlights and embarrassing moments for the Clippers. Now that the final two teams are going head-to-head as the temperatures drop, you may not be spending as much time on the golf course, so we rounded up our favorite NBA merch for wherever you’re spending your time these days.

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Lakers vs. Heat WinCraft Premium Pennant ($12)
Maybe this is a lukewarm start since you’re not yet picking a side in the matchup with this purchase, but we’re easing into it just like how the NBA eased into the playoffs. This is a perfect flag to hang from your cart or bag and bait others you’re golfing with into basketball debates. Is LeBron better than vintage Raymond Felton? Would Bam Adebayo start for the Sacramento Kings? Just go crazy. There are only a few NBA games left this season. Get all of your insane opinions out while you still can.

Anthony Davis Know The Game Finals Shirt ($33)
Most of the Finals gear up for grabs have pretty basic names, logos, you know that kind of simple stuff. Step up your fandom and rock a uni brow tee to show where your team loyalties lie. Bonus points if you groom your actual brows to match.

NBA Finals Can Coolers ($6)
Are you even drinking a cold refreshing beer if it’s not in an NBA-sanctioned koozie? I’ll tell you one thing: You’re certainly not enjoying it as much as you could be. These NBA can coolers are available for regular 12-ounce drinks and there are even option for seltzer fans. Now you can have a socially-distanced beer with your golf foursome after a great/terrible day on the course and let everyone know you (hopefully) picked the right team.

Mitchell & Ness Hardwood Classics Champions Swish T-Shirt ($40)
Tie-dye? Now we’re talking! For both teams? This is a must. Wear this before teeing off or wear it at the driving range or just wear it everywhere. This is certainly different swag than the usual bland Finals tees. Have some fun with it.

Mickey Mouse Basketball Hooded Pullover ($49)
Maybe you’re like me and you don’t have a real rooting interest in this year’s NBA Finals. You’re a fan of one of the 28 other teams that have been humiliatingly eliminated from championship contention. There’s still something you can root and Disney and the fact that we’ll still have an NBA Finals in this topsy-turvy year. With the cold rapidly approaching, it’s sweater/sweatshirt season anyway. Be prepared. Unlike the Knicks.

Snaps Strap ($30)
These cool straps attach to any snapback hat to add a ton of style and allow you to flex a little more on your basketball team making the finals. The brand has a golf-specific version that has a ball marker built into the design, but the NBA collection is perfect for playoff season.

Team Logo Yoga Mats ($40)
If your golf game is down the tubes and the NBA Finals are stressing you out, take a yoga break with these NBA yoga mats. The PVC mats are sturdy and a comfortable way to help you calm down during halftime.

NBA Golf Balls ($13)
The cliché saying “leave it all out on the course” does not apply to these team logo golf balls. If you picked the right team, you’ll want to keep these in the bag well beyond the championship game.

Jones NBA Collections ($70-$200)
Jones golf offers customizable NBA Licensed product on seven of its most popular products. This way you don’t have to choose between quality and flying your team colors on the golf course. The Ranger Cooler is a fan favorite because it doubles as a shag bag and a can cooler that'll easily fit in a golf cart.

Herschel NBA City Bags ($35-$52)
Herschel designed a line of flashy bags for each NBA team with vintage styling and a ton of utility. The backpacks have two pockets, a 15-inch laptop sleeve, water bottle pockets and a cool NBA liner print. Hip packs might be a bit of a stretch for the average golfer, but it's a great way to store what you need when pockets are scarce. Herschel's pack has a two-way main compartment zipper, front storage pocket, internal storage sleeve and adjustable webbing strap for a customizable wear.