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Natural Light wants to help you find a plastering your resume on a NASCAR

Here's one plucked out of the Monday random jar: Beer funnel liquid provider Natty Light wants to help their primary clientele—college kids drowning existential crisis in cheap beer—find gainful employment by plastering one lucky applicant's face, resume, and contact information all over Chris Buescher’s #37 car at the upcoming South Point 400 in Las Vegas. Peace out LinkedIn, hello victory lane:

In partnership with Censuswide, the marketing geniuses at Anheuser-Busch have already laid the groundwork with over 1,000 employers nationwide currently looking to fill entry-level positions. All you have to do is apply and hope your smiling face survives 267 laps of Mad Max insanity without ending up scraped all over the wall. Submit your application to and make sure to include a head shot and resume (get creative, Natty is also accepting video CVs, artwork, and more) featuring your contact info, qualifications, and skills ideally not related to the consumption of gas station beer.

The winner and final paint scheme will be revealed on September 10th, with the South Point 400 set for the following weekend. Good luck and God speed, future miserable workers of America.