The Nashville Predators' new Stadium Series jerseys are a crime against humanity

December 03, 2021

Every year the NHL and their uniform partner (in this case adidas) unleash their Winter Classic and Stadium Series alternates for participating teams, and every year hockey fans lose their minds. They’re too boring. Or they’re too flashy. Maybe they’re too modern, or perhaps the fugly kind of retro (see: the Blackhawks' 2019 Winter Classic ensembles). In short, people will never be pleased, especially when the aesthetic of their treasured sports team is being tinkered with. In most cases, that’s just human nature, but in some cases, well, in some cases it’s entirely deserved.

That’s the Nashville Predators' look for their upcoming Stadium Series game against the Tampa Bay Lightning on February 26th. Held at Nissan Stadium, the game will be the city of Nashville’s first-ever outdoor professional hockey game and this ... this ... this ABOMINATION is what they’ll be pulling over their pads. There's a guitar pick right smack dab in the middle. It says “Smashville.” We don’t even wanna know what’s going with those textured shoulders. Even Pekka Rinne looks horrified to be caught dead in this pelt, and goalies know jack sh*t about fashion.

Could things get any worse? We’re glad you asked because they sure can! As it turns out, the Lightning’s competing unis for the game are straight, hot fire ...

But hey, beauty is the eye of the beholder. So if you happen to be blind and want to pick up one of these soon-to-be-relics, you can do so for a paltry $199. Talk about a steal.