Pablo No More

Auston Matthews shaves filthy mustache, promptly scores three of the filthiest goals of the NHL season

December 02, 2021

Given how well he played in the month of November, the last thing Auston Matthews needed to do was change things up. Hockey players are a superstitious bunch, not the type to ever mess with a good thing.

Stunningly, that's exactly what the Toronto Maple Leafs star did, shaving his mustache when the calendar turned to December on Wednesday. Matthews was participating in "Movember," and he raised an astounding $134,000:

Technically, there are no rules that say you have to immediately shave on December 1, but shave Matthews did. Wild move considering he was on a three-game goal streak to end the month, but maybe he's not as superstitious as other players might be. The other thing is, Matthews rocks the Pablo Escobar look well, but sometimes when it's time, it's time. 

Turns out, Matthews knows exactly what he's doing. In his first game post-stache, he potted three of the filthiest goals of the NHL season, starting with this absolute UNDRESSING of Colorado Avalanche goalie Jonas Johansson:

Disgusting. Another angle for the boys:

No. 2 wasn't so bad either, and once again it came directly in front of Johansson. Nobody told the Avalanche that letting No. 34 do whatever he wants in the crease was probably a bad idea:

No. 3 put the Leafs five goals ahead. Top-left shelf. Guy is a menace:

Moral of the story - Auston Matthews can shave or grow his mustache whenever the hell he wants.