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Naomi Osaka embarrasses her sister with funny message after beating Serena Williams at Australian Open

February 18, 2021

Naomi Osaka had just defeated Serena Williams in the semis of the Australian Open, a huge win that pushed Serena to tears and basically gave another grand slam title to the young star (Sorry, Jennifer Brady, but you're not winning the final). So what was on Osaka's mind in the immediate aftermath of such a momentous victory? Her sister. Sweet right?

Not exactly.

Osaka wrote quite the message for her sister—and the world—to see on the camera as she exited the court after vanquishing a legend the GOAT. Check it out:

For those of you who couldn't read Osaka's handwriting, here's what she wrote: "Mari stop sending weird images in the groupchat!" OK then.

As For The Win's Charles Curtis pointed out, Mari responded by sharing one of those images, and, um, it's pretty weird. So, yeah, Mari, stop that. Please.

Anyway, well played—and penned—Naomi. And other sports really need to start doing this whole written-camera-message thing. It's fun.