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Mysterious "Bettor X" loses $3.8 million on Super Bowl LIII, remains filthy rich

February 05, 2019
Super Bowl LIII - New England Patriots v Los Angeles Rams


Despite sounding like a villain from Matthew Broderick's live-action adaptation of Inspector Gadget, "Bettor X" is a real person who has made some very real money betting on sports in the past twelve months. The anonymous wheeler/dealer is feared by sportsbooks across Vegas after winning $10 million on the World Series this fall and additional $8-10 million betting on Eagles in Super Bowl LII , But the house, as they say, always wins—a fact Bettor X leaned the hard way this weekend, losing a frosty $3.8 million betting the Rams money line.

According to ESPN, the high stakes bets began on Thursday, with Bettor X placing $2 million on the Rams at MGM. On Friday, he doubled down with a $1.5 million bet, before capping everything off with a paltry $300,000 wager at South Point. All bets were placed on the Rams money-line at +120, bringing the potential payout to $4.56 million, which Bettor X watched go up in smoke right about here...

Misery loves company, however, and thankfully Bettor X will have plenty of it this week, especially from over bettors, with the Super Bowl LIII missing the projected over/under of 56 by an NFL record 40 points. Vegas will also be feeling the sting, after the Rams failed (miserably, we might add) to cover the spread on the -2.5 point favorite Patriots. All told, Bettor X cleared nearly $20 million this year, and is still clearly, obviously, unfathomably wealthy, but that $3.8 million has to sting, no matter which way you launder it.