Move over Phil Mickelson, this is the best recovery shot of 2020

October 23, 2020

On my annual golf trip this year, one of my buddies bravely crossed a busy road to track down his golf ball and play his next shot. There were so many cars whizzing by we had to tell him when to hit, but hit he did back to the fringe. Of course, he wound up three-putting anyway, but it was a nice effort. However, it has nothing on what this guy did.

Thanks to The Club for sharing an amazing video of a recovery shot that would make Phil Mickelson weep with envy. That being said, we don't recommend Mickelson or anyone else trying this at home:

My. Word. Assuming this is real—sadly, a big assumption these days—that is incredible. And possibly, even legal.

"That's not out of bounds," our hero exclaims at the end of the clip. "I swear to God. F*#$ that s#*!"

Hey, we didn't see any white stakes. . .

But what we did see is a supermarket. If there's one problem with this situation it's that this dude didn't load up his golf bag with refreshments before re-crossing the street.