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Wait a minute, Mo Bamba has the NBA's biggest wingspan AND smoothest jumper?!

June 18, 2018

If Mo Bamba's only chance of scoring points was by dunking, he'd still be one of the top picks in Thursday's NBA Draft. The 7-footer who just turned 20 last month is an absolute terror on defense, blocking 3.7 shots per game as a freshman at Texas. But on the offensive end, the man with an NBA combine-record 7-foot-10(!) wingspan is capable of more than dunking. Apparently, a lot more.

Check out this viral video making the rounds Monday morning. If you just focus on the ball, you'd think it was a clip of Stephen Curry shooting three-pointers. Instead, it's Big Mo. Wait, can we call you Big Mo? Sorry, probably should have asked a man of your stature for permission first. Anyway, check out the jaw-dropping clip:

Good lord, is that impressive. So he's got the biggest wingspan, the smoothest jumper, AND the best name/nickname in this year's draft?! Now I'm really ticked my Knicks got stuck with the eighth pick.