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Minor League hockey team to wear three different ‘Mighty Ducks’ jerseys in one game

November 16, 2017

There’s no questioning the Mighty Ducks’ impact on the really-not-as-good-as-you-remembered-it kids’ sports movie landscape, but for the Cincinnati Cyclones, the magic of Bombay and the boys continues to reverberate to this day. Thus, with the trilogy’s 25th anniversary on the horizon, the ECHL squad decided to commemorate the cinematic milestone with not one but, count ‘em, THREE Ducks’ themed sweaters that they will somehow manage to wear over the course of a single game. We don’t get it either, but hey, here’s what they look like:

It’s fair to say the ridiculous minor league promotion thing has spiraled a little bit out of a control—hell, even the iconic Brooklyn Cyclones unveiled pizza-themed jerseys this summer—but three alternate uniforms for a single game operates on a whole new spectrum of overkill. This is a shot of whiskey with a tequila chaser, The Rock’s biceps, and the entire concept of chicken fries all rolled into one, and, to be totally honest, we don't hate it.

The Cyclones will don these special edition sweaters for their January 27th game against the Fort Wayne Komets, which will include a variety of yet-to-be-determined Mighty Ducks activities and a charity auction of the jerseys themselves, with all proceeds going to support the Cincinnati Cyclones Foundation (apparently a real charity).