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Minnesota high schooler scores the most stunning walk-off goal in soccer history

November 02, 2018

There have been longer goals scored, there have been crazier goals scored, but good luck finding a more stunning goal in soccer history than what happened in Friday's Minnesota Class A championship game. After a scoreless regulation and first overtime between Blake School and Bemidji High at Vikings' U.S. Bank Stadium, Blake's Keegan James took the double OT kickoff at midfield and delivered an absolute dagger to win the title.

ESPN's Darren Rovell shared the incredible clip, calling it a "MUST WATCH." We couldn't agree more. See for yourself:

For this to happen at any time would be ridiculous, but to win a state title? Unbelievable. Obviously, this must have been something James has practiced (Honestly, we didn't even know if it was legal at first), but wow, just wow. We're guessing this instant high school legend is going to have a pretty good weekend.

What is it about that field and all-time wild finishes? Just last January, the Vikings beat the Saints in the NFC Playoffs on a catch-and-run by Stefon Diggs at the buzzer that covered just about the same amount of ground and was immediately dubbed the Minneapolis Miracle.

Well, now a different kind of Hail Mary has been answered. Thank goodness there's video of it — and that this game didn't just go to penalty kicks.