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This European Tour pro is making the most of Memphis comfort food

August 04, 2021

After a wild weekend in Tokyo, the golf world has converged on Memphis, Tennessee for the WGC FedEx St. Jude Invitational. There, at TPC Southwind, pros from all over the globe have gathered to tune up for the FedEx Cup Playoffs, marvel at Xander Schauffele’s shiny new gold medal, and, of course, eat. And when we say eat, we mean EAT. Just ask Australian native Min Woo Lee, who embraced southern comfort food with open arms and a big appetite this week and lived to tell the tale. Go on, mate.

Absolutely drooling over here. Memphis barbecue, ribeye steak, and sushi. That’s what we here in America call the Triple Crown. But perhaps even better than the spread was Lee’s take on American cuisine, tweeting, “when in Memphis, Tennessee … you eat good, maybe not always the healthiest.” Nail on the head, Min Woo. The Memphis tourism board is printing that on the pamphlets as we speak.

So kudos to this year's Scottish Open champ for doing as the Romans while in Rome (or Memphis—tomato, tomahto). It takes an iron stomach and strong heart to put down that bang, bang, bang and still somehow waddle to the first tee box come Thursday, so we’ll see how he fares come crunch time. But no matter where Lee finishes this weekend, he has our respect.

Now if you’ll excuse us, lunch is calling.