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Miguel Angel Jimenez wins Senior British Open while rocking sunglasses UNDER his hat

July 30, 2018

Phil Inglis

It was raining at St. Andrews on Sunday, but that didn't stop Miguel Angel Jimenez from stashing a pair of shades under his hat just in case. Such is the tao of the Most Interesting Senior Golfer in the World. Shooting a three-under 69 to hold off Bernhard Langer by a stroke, Jimenez stooped to pick up his clinching putt, removing his hat to reveal a pair of (very) blue aviators perched atop his trademark shock of curls. As Golf Twitter soon pointed out, THEY MUST HAVE BEEN THERE THE WHOLE TIME:

Ordinarily, a 54-year-old man winning a major championship while wearing sunglasses on the wrong side of his hat would be cause for alarm, but for MAJ—the cigar-huffing tomcat whose stretching routine makes your wife's yoga instructor named Hummingbrid look positively normal by comparison—it's just another day in Wonderland. Live long and prosper, fellow space cadet.