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This incredible off-the-wall trick shot would make Miguel Angel Jimenez proud

Take one scroll through your Twitter or Instagram account, and you're bound to see at least two or three trick shot videos. They've become a dime a dozen, and it's getting harder and harder to be impressed with each one.

But sometimes, there are exceptions that stand out. Like when trick shot artist Josh Kelly chips in while holding his baby, or when pro golfer Sophie Godley pulls off a one-handed beer pong chip-in.

Much like Josh Kelly, Godley has become quite the trick shot artist herself. Her latest Instagram post might be her finest work yet, going off-the-wall, through the rough and into the cup. Check it out:

Remind you of anyone? Hmm... who could it be.

Anytime you're mentioned in the same breath as "The Mechanic," you're doing something right. Of course, the road hole at the Open Championship is a much different situation, but Godley's hole-out is still impressive nonetheless.