Michael Jordan just caught a 442-pound Marlin in a high-stakes fishing tournament, is the GOAT of fishing too

Just when you thought the Michael Jordan hypetrain had finally jumped the tracks, it’s back on the rails once again. Only this time, it’s not a train but a boat. The Catch 23, to be specific, MJ’s deep-sea fishing machine which reeled in a giant 442.3-pound Blue Marlin on Tuesday as part of the $3-million-dollar Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament. Yes that’s right, in addition to basketball, bullying, footwear, cigar smoking, golf stories, and vanity plates, Jordan might be the GOAT of fishing too.

To be fair to, you know, the actual professional anglers, the Catch 23’s catch was only good enough for 5th place in the competition so far, with the heaviest Marlin weighing in just north of 494 pounds. That said, Jordan—the kind of guy who would withhold dinner from grown men for a bad game—still seemed happy, responding to the roars of the crowd upon his return by hanging out, telling tales of the sea with his signature stogie dangling from his lips.

The Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament, held each year for the last 62, doesn’t conclude until the 13th, however, so there’s still a chance for Sea Jordan to improve his position. At the very least that gives everyone a few more days to ogle his stunning $8-million-dollar, 80-foot Viking yacht, which even includes a hull custom painted to match his private jet. Needless to say, even if Jordan was out there reeling in blue gills, he’d still be top dog.