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Michael Block shows golfers how to hit his famous PGA flop shot, promptly holes first attempt

April 25, 2024

David Cannon

With so much attention on Nelly Korda and Scottie Scheffler of late, we haven't heard much about 2023 PGA Championship star/hero/legend Michael Block. But that's about to start changing, folks. Because it's almost #BlockieSzn again.

The PGA Championship is heading to Valhalla next month—where Block has a piece of the course record by the way—and America's favorite club pro will once again be in the field thanks to his performance last year at Oak Hill. There, Block became a hit with the locals, made an insane slame-dunk hole-in-one playing alongside Rory McIlroy, and pulled off an all-time up and down to finish in the top 15 and earn his ticket back to the tournament.

It's that last moment that we want to focus on today, because Block was at the PGA of America's headquarters in Frisco and he taped a video lesson on how to hit that flop shot. And wouldn't you know it, but he holed out his first attempt. Classic Blockie. Have a look (his lesson comes right after last year's highlight):

The guy has a real knack when the cameras are rolling, huh?

OK, so the cameras didn't actually catch his golf ball going in the hole and he says he was aiming at a different one, but Block sure let us know about it going in. Again, classic Blockie. What a showman!


Of course, there are also some great short-game tips in there. And when Blockie talks about the short game, we should all listen. McIlroy told a classic story about his caddie, Harry Diamond, who you can see in that highlight shaking his head in disbelief, asking Block on the 18th green that day if his short game is always this good.

"No, it's usually better," Block replied.

Amazing. Forget about the rest of the PGA Tour and LIV, Michael Block might just be the man to put an end to Scottie Scheffler's dominance. Go, Blockie, go.