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The Miami Dolphins are reportedly preparing for Sunday’s snow game in Buffalo by practicing with the A/C on

On Sunday, the Miami Dolphins, reeling from back-to-back losses in which their god-tier offense suddenly looked mortal, head to Buffalo with the AFC East hanging in the balance. Complete the season sweep of the Bills, and the Dolphins are right there with three winnable games to play. Lose, and the blip becomes a skid. There’s just one little problem for the Fish: The weather will look something like this come gametime on Saturday.

Hold onto your butts, folks. It’s a snow game. And as you know, the only snow they have in South Beach is the stuff Scarface was snorting. So how are the Dolphins preparing for the wrath of not just Bills Mafia but Mother Nature herself? They’re practicing [drum roll please] with the air conditioning turned up. Yes. Really.

Just crown the Bills now. No game has ever been more over before it began. Last week in LA, Miami reportedly had heaters on the sideline to combat temperatures in the mid-50s. The high in Buffalo on Saturday night is expected to be around 28 degrees with a Real Feel of 17 and the Dolphins are preparing by cranking the A/C. Needless to say, if you’re a Fins fan, go to the movies, make a dinner reservation, get in your car, put your foot to the floor, and drive in the opposite direction of your television as far as that tank of gas will take you. Do NOT, under any circumstances, waste your Saturday night watching this game. It's done. It's dusted.

With that said, you can take some solace in the fact that this is just karma at work. Back in September, Miami cooked the Bills at Hard Rock Stadium, letting them roast in triple-digit temps on the visitor’s sideline while they sat pretty in the shade. Now Buffalo is about to return the favor just when it matters most. If that isn’t division rivalry for you, we don’t know what it is.