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Meet Wesley the PoodleShark, the biggest [canine] hockey fan in America

October 12, 2017

There's fandom, and then there's obsession. Fandom is remortgaging your home for an out-of-market streaming package. Fandom is sitting on the couch in a player who retired 12 years ago's jersey bellowing every swear in the swear book at the sheetrock. Obsession is buying a $1,500 poodle, shaving it, dying it, and painting it to reflect your love of a warm-weather hockey team who has never won the Stanley Cup. If that sounds oddly specific, that's because it's absolutely is. Meet Wesley the PoodleShark, everyone:

Like most good boys, Wesley likes staring through fences...

running around with no destination or purpose...

and hanging with his dawgs.

Unlike most good boys, Wesley also likes meeting San Jose Sharks legends...

Going to San Jose Sharks games...

and signing paw-tographs for his growing legion of San Jose Sharks fans.

In other words, Wesley is a pretty cool pup whose seems perfectly happy to play along with the whims of a hockey maniac, and for that he deserves a new bone and some damn good belly scratches.