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Meet Julian Suri, the official golfer of the. . . Jacksonville Jaguars?

February 07, 2018

After coming just a quick whistle away from the Super Bowl, the Jacksonville Jaguars announced a promising youngster to begin their off-season. He just happens to be a golfer.

On Wednesday, the team announced European Tour winner Julian Suri as its new official ambassador. No, not Julian Edelman. Julian Suri.

Hey, it's no more surprising than the news that Tony Romo will tee it up in an actual PGA Tour event next month. And if it makes sense for any NFL squad to market itself in Europe, it's Jacksonville, which plays a game in London every year.

Actually, we've seen the NFL do deals with tour pros before. Remember when Payne Stewart won the 1989 PGA Championship decked out in Chicago Bears gear? But this seems to be the first partnership between a golfer and a specific NFL team.

Suri, a 26-year-old who went to Duke and lives in St. Augustine, talked about being a Jaguars fan when he came on the Golf Digest Podcast in December. He also discussed how he rose more than 1,000 spots in the Official World Golf Ranking last year.

So you've got a golfer and a football team who are both on the rise joining forces. We'll have to wait and see how this deal turns out, but in the meantime we know one thing: Julian Suri is going to rank No. 1 among tour pros in 2018 when it comes to wearing teal.

UPDATE: Turns out, this isn't the first partnership of its kind.

Apparently, this is a thing among AFC South teams.